Katie Jo Woodin - Executive Assistant


Story Real Estate

110 E. 3rd St.

Raised in Santa Cruz, CA, Katie Jo moved up to Moscow, ID in 2015 to attend New Saint Andrews College and taught beginning/intermediate Violin at the New Saint Andrews Conservatory of Music, and met her future husband. Post college, she moved back home to California and worked in office management and administration at one of the highest rated Roofing companies in Northern California. She fell in love with being part of a close knit team of people focused on providing the best quality products and service for their clients. 
It was during this time that she had a lot of exposure to the real estate industry, and this eventually lead her to pursue working at Story Real Estate. When Katie Jo moved back to Moscow to get married, she began working at SRE as the Executive Assistant directly under Chris Carpenter.
Her job is to make his job easier-- taking 80% of his duties so he can focus on the other 20%. This could be anything from scheduling meetings, to inputing client leads, to working with marketing on projects, to meeting with vendors and sales people, to moving his truck so he doesn't get a ticket. Every day is different, and that's how she likes it. 

In the past, Katie Jo has worked as a professional freelance photographer, specializing in sports and event photography. She has been published in national Mountain Biking magazines, and was lead Photographer Coordinator for the Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festivals for several years. She is also a professional freelance Violinist. She teaches students privately on the side, and is a current violinist in the Washington-Idaho Symphony. 

When she isn't working, she loves making cocktails, traveling, playing sports, and spending time with her husband and friends. One day she wants to own a motorcycle.